Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

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The business environment is constantly changing. At HGBSE you’ll learn about entrepreneurship, management, accounting, marketing and all the other skills you’ll need to become an industry leader.

You’ll learn the skills needed to effectively manage your employees and move your company forward.

Huritt Global Business School for Entrepreneurship is committed to providing high standard of quality and dedication to career education and life long learning programs for entrepreneurs and businesses. Certificates consist of 7 to 10 courses. Most courses are 3 credit hours. HGBSE offers 12-months certificate programs in the following areas:

Registration to the HGBSE’s 12-month certificate programs is open to all students who demonstrate academic preparedness, maturity and seriousness of purpose with backgrounds appropriate to their chosen program of studies.

High School Diploma is required.

In order to earn a Certificate in any of our 12-month program, a student must complete at least 21 credits. Most of the courses toward a Certificate carry 3 credits.

Our extended program is a 16-months 30-credit certificate in Entrepreneurship and International Business Management. Students must complete at least 30 credits.

Credits earned toward a Certificate can be transferred into a degree program when HGBSE starts to offer degree programs.

NOTE: All Students are expected to maintain a 2.5 GPA  average throughout their term of study.

See individual certificate program for details and requirements.