Successful Supervisory Skills

Successful Supervisory Skills

Youth Business Internship-1

Successful Supervisory Skills

Total hours: 32 hours

Effective supervisory and leadership skills are essential to moving an organization forward in their vision, mission and strategic goals. Often people with excellent technical skills are requested to lead others without the adequate preparation to do so. This eight-module program brings together the key knowledge and skills needed to transition to or prepare for a supervisory role and successfully direct, guide and lead others.

Alternate topics may be added to, or substituted for, any of the courses in this series.

Module 1: Implementing Organizational Vision, Mission and Objectives

  • Understand the basic role and competencies of supervision
  • Understand what your employees want from their job
  • Support the organizational vision, mission and values
  • Learn strategic planning and goal setting techniques

Module 2: Effective Communication Skills

  • Understand the communication process
  • Speak and listen sincerely, actively and effectively
  • Gain trust and build rapport and Credibility

Module 3: Effective Written Communication

  • Understand your audience
  • Design clear, concise, complete messages
  • Create effective sentence and paragraph structure
  • Plan, draft, revise, format and proofread effectively

Module 4: Team Management 

  • Understand Teaming 101
  • Maximize team communication
  • Conduct effective team meeting
  • Inspire and motivate team members

Module 5: Problem Solving Techniques

  • Determine root cause
  • Establish corrective actions
  • Implement prevention measures

Module 6: Change and Conflict Management

  • Understand feelings and perceptions for awareness of paradigms regarding change
  • Manage personal reactions to stress and develop diffusing techniques
  • Become an agent for change – understand thinking patterns, power of beliefs, identify and acknowledge obstacles, and develop strategies
  • Develop understanding of oneself and others in managing conflict situations

Module 7: Employment Law

  • Understand lawful hiring and firing practices
  • Become familiar with personnel-related law
  • Learn the significance of governmental agencies
  • Understand privacy issues
  • Prevent discriminatory harassment

Module 8: Performance Enhancement

  • Performance reporting
  • Employee coaching
  • Constructive disciplinary actions