Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp


The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is designed for individuals who are thinking about starting a business or who have recently founded a company. This program is hosted monthly in cities across Nigeria. The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp will help you discover your innate entrepreneurial potential, giving you a set of tools and perspective to capitalize on that potential and help launch your career.

WHEN: Second & fourth Saturdays of every month, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesdays schedule is coming in the near future.
WHERE: The program will be held at the Huritt Global Business School for Entrepreneurship’s study centers in chosen cities. Please check the monthly schedule to see the city we are in.

COST: The cost to attend this program is ₦26,500 and includes all materials, lunch, and copy of the entrepreneurship business book, The Way It Is: Ideas and Solutions for Entrepreneurs–Startup & Growth Companies.

Payment Details: Issue a draft in favor of Huritt Global Business School for Entrepreneurship Ltd or make transfer as follows First Bank Account No. (please call)

Registration Info
workshops@hurittglobal-edu.com or call (0) 814 939 3435

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Schedule & Venues

Content covered includes:

  • Determining goals and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
  • Small business vs. growth-oriented businesses
  • Paths to ownership
  • Business model canvas
  • Economics of the business
  • Finding costs, knowing the numbers (fixed costs vs. variable costs)
  • Market research (utilizing resources)
  • Pivoting
  • Basics of new venture financing (debt vs. equity)
  • Bootstrapping, crowdfunding, etc
  • Guerrilla marketing, core marketing message
  • Social media strategies
  • Developing your team
  • Leadership in a new venture
  • Business plan

Program take-aways

Focused, intense, and packed with practical tools and tips, the monthly Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is tailored to aspiring and new entrepreneurs, helping each participant to answer the following questions:

  • Is my idea good enough?
  • How do I reach the customer?
  • How can I make sense of the numbers?
  • Does my business model make sense?
  • What kind of entrepreneur do I want to be?
  • How can I pay for the business?
  • How do I build an effective team?
  • How can I build buzz for my business?
  • And many other practical questions that will help you successfully launch and grow your business!

Side Notes:

Learn about Huritt Global Business School, and our United States partner’s online degree programmes at American Public University.

Experienced Speakers

Speakers are practicing entrepreneurs with history of starting, buying, and selling companies in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, waste management, medical diagnostic, agriculture and food technologies, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, marketing and accounting services, import and export, real estate, and management consulting will speak at the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Experienced Instructors

Professional academic instructors and practicing entrepreneurs with history of starting, buying, and selling companies in various industries will teach at the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp:

Frank Azeke, PhD, is a practicing academic entrepreneur with vast experience in educational enterprises, nonprofit services, and private ventures. He has championed entrepreneurship education, promoting innovation and enterprise creation as vital tools for economic development. As assistant professor, he taught entrepreneurship, and provided training, mentoring, and consulting services to a wide audience. He also held executive positions as director at five institutions engaged in development campaigns. His past business activities include starting a snack food venture and three entrepreneurship education initiatives: the Academy of Future Entrepreneurs, Global Entrepreneurship Academy Limited, and Youth Entrepreneurship Development International, focused on advancing entrepreneurship learning, business formation and job creation. Other business involvement includes R&D Training and Technical Services, Integrated Training & Technical Services, Checkered Flag Motor Car Company, WTKR-TV Channel 3,and Grants Appliance Company. Frank received entrepreneurship education training from Syracuse University, Babson College, Intel+ UC Berkeley, and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. He has undergraduate degree from the University of Lagos, masters and doctorate degrees from Temple University, and has professional affiliation with a world-wide network of entrepreneurship educators.

Dean Livingston, PhD, is a Professor of Entrepreneurship. Dean has taught a broad array of courses dealing with different aspects of entrepreneurship, including strategic planning, growth, family business, and corporate entrepreneurship. He has also been responsible for creating new courses related to innovation and entrepreneurship in existing corporations and family businesses.

Leslie Johnson, PhD, is a practicing entrepreneur with a 10-year history of successful business in management and leadership consulting industry. His research interests include entrepreneurial exits and the impact of entrepreneurship on emerging economies. He is passionate educator who brings real world entrepreneurial experience to the classroom, mentors/coaches student start-up teams.

Anthony Odulami, MBA, is the executive director of the Odulami Group of Companies. Anthony was involved in a number of entrepreneurial projects, held several high-level positions in various companies and industries before venturing into entrepreneurship.

Philip Chukwueke, MBA