Whether you want to advance your career or enrich your personal life, the HGBSE Workforce Training Center can help you achieve your goals. Noncredit, short-term courses are available at convenient times to fit your busy lifestyle. These are one session 3-hour face-to-face classes. Course fees start from 7,500 naira. Certificate of attendance and completion will be issued to students.

Full-immersion skill building in a face-to-face environment courses include:

Entrepreneurship Courses

  • Thinking of Starting a Business?
  • Generating Ideas for Your New Business
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Strategy for Profit
  • Managing People and Operations for Profit
  • Financial Management for Profit
  • Planning for Business Success

Finance Courses

  • Financial Analysis for Profitability

HR Management & Training Courses

  • Fundamentals of Human Resources
  • Pre-Selection Processes
  • Employee Selection Practices
  • Post-Selection Practices

Marketing Courses

  • Fundamental of Marketing: Your Action Plan for Success


Business Acceleration Series

Learn the essential skills and tools every business owner needs to take your business to the next level and build a thriving profitable business. Current business owners should consider taking classes I through IV. For individuals thinking of starting a business, classes I through IV should be taken after attending the Thinking of Starting a Business class? Take the entire four-class series for the discounted price of NGN28, 600.

Thinking of Starting a Business?

This workshop gives an overview of what it takes to be a business owner. Learn about the new business registration process and regulatory issues, as well as an overview of federal and state tax responsibilities.

1 Session: NGN7,700. Durations: 3 Hours

I. Marketing Strategy for Profit

Marketing is the engine of your business. Knowing who your key customers are is the difference between thriving and just surviving. Understand what specific need you are meeting and how to create value that your customers will be willing to pay a premium for.

1 Session: NGN7,700. Duration: 3 Hours

II. Managing People and Operations for Profit

Your employees are the future of your business. Learn how to hire and keep winners.

Also learn what key processes make up your business operations and improve productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency in your business for higher profit.

1 Session: NGN7,700. Durations: 3 Hours

III. Financial Management for Profit

Financial statements require accurate and timely information to be useful in business.

Business financials are not for paying taxes… they are essential for making good business decisions. Gain an understanding of essential financial statements and learn how to use them for business success.

1 Session: NGN7,700. Durations: 3 Hours

IV. Planning for Business Success

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Learn why planning is so crucial and the right way to chart a course for your business success. Discover the essential ingredients for developing meaningful goals and a plan that will help you and your team achieve them.

1 Session: NGN7,700. Durations: 3 Hours

Business Plan

Creating a Successful Business Plan.

Turn your business ideas into a solid plan for financing and long-term success.

1 Session: NGN7,700. Durations: 3 Hours

Human Resource Management

Regardless of the rapid advances in technology, people are still the heart of any organization. The relationship between your organization and your employees is too valuable to risk through conflicts over policies and procedures. HGBSE’s training in human resource management and the legal environment will help keep your organization compliant with mandates and requirements when recruiting, retaining, training and retraining, and releasing employees.

Human Resource Management: Continuing Education Series

Human Resource Management Series covers the critical components of the Human Resource function and will give managers the knowledge and skills they need to maximize the role of HR in their organizations. Take the entire four-course series for the discounted price of NGN83,600

HRM: Role and Legal Environment (Fundamentals of Human Resources)

Understand the role and the legal environment of Human Resource Management (HRM) and how HRM contributes to the organization’s bottom line. Discover how the HRM function and HR practices contribute to organizational success and gain insight into the legal and environmental context of HRM. Emphasis will be on HR’s role in the employment cycle and various federal employment regulations that impact business.

1 Session: NGN22,000. Durations: 4 Hours

HRM: Pre-Selection Processes

Gain an understanding of the practices undertaken in the pre-selection process.

Learn about the practices involved in planning for an organization’s human resources and why job analysis is an integral part of the pre-selection process.

1 Session: NGN22,000. Durations: 4 Hours

HRM: Employee Selection Practices

Selecting the “right” employee for the job is critical, and students will learn about various recruiting and selection strategies, methods, legal constraints, and achieving validity with regard to employee selection practices.

1 Session: NGN22,000. Durations: 4 Hours

HRM: Post-Selection Practices

Discover two important post-selection HR practices: training and development, and appraising employee job performance.

Emphasis will be given to assessing training needs, discussing different training methods, and ensuring a transfer of training. Additionally, focus will be on the standards of effective performance appraisal systems and performance rating instruments, and how a firm should develop its performance appraisal system.

1 Session: NGN22,000. Durations: 4 Hours


Financial Analysis for Profitability

Good business decisions aren’t guess work, but require looking below the surface of your financial statements. Learn how to use financial analysis tools to make decisions that will drive higher profits and greater value in your business.

1 Session: NGN7,700. Durations: 3 Hours