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The Way It Is-1

The Way It Is: Ideas & solutions for Entrepreneurs. ₦3,700 naira

The Way It Is presents ideas and solutions for entrepreneurs the way it has never been presented before. You’ll find help with writing a business plan, hiring personnel, financing a business, marketing and selling your products or services.

The Nuts & Bolts of Business Plans_cover

The Nuts & Bolts of Business Plans. ₦1,900

A business plan is where discipline meets imagination. It is the discipline of plan that will help you see critical flaws in your idea, helps you to “tweak” or adjust aspects of your proposal. A business plan is also an objective and fact-based document. “The Nuts & Bolts of Business Plans” is a handbook that helps you write a quality business plan.

Elements of a Business Plan_cover

Elements of a Business Plan” handbook explains the necessary items that you a well written business plan must contain.

Must Have In Business Pitch_cover

If you seeking funding for your startup or expansion, there are must have in you business plan pitch to investors. In the “Must Have In Your Business Plan Pitch” handbook, you will find the “must” include in your business plan pitch.