Small Business Management

Small Business Management

Small Business

Small Business Management Letter of Recognition

Program Narrative

Small business continues to be a major area of economic growth, outstripping projected rates for other business sectors. In economic developed countries such as the U.S., over one half of all employed people are working in small businesses. If you are planning to be a part of that growth, you will want to have an edge on the competition.

Huritt’s Small Business Management program is designed specifically for small business owners and managers, or potential owners and managers.

If you’re a small business owner who thinks you can’t find the time to improve your business skills, Huritt’s specialized letter of recognition/certificate program is for you. If you’ve always wanted to start your own business, this program is also a great option. By completing this sequence of courses, you can take your idea from dream to business plan.

Program Features

Course works in this program is up-to-date and practical, covering a variety of relevant topics such as marketing and sales, financial and personnel management, microcomputers for small business, and small business law.

The program can be completed by taking classes in the evening and weekends in as little as six months, allowing you to earn your diploma and still maintain your full-time job.

Upon graduation, you will be ready to succeed on your own terms in your own business.

Career Potential: Business Owner, Small Business Manager


Course Code
Course Title Credits
SBUS 101 Introduction to Small Business 1
SBUS 102 Accounting for Small Business 2
SBUS 103 Financial Management for Small Business 1
SBUS 105 Marketing Methods for Small Business 1
SBUS 106 Personnel Management 1
SBUS 110 Business Planning for Small Business 1
SBUS Small Business Electives + 3
  Total Credits 10
Electives – Select 3 credits from the following (3 credits each):
SBUS 107 Small Business Law 1
SBUS 108 Microcomputers for Small Business 1
SBUS 109 Selling Skills for Small Business 1
SBUS 111 Taxes for Small Business 1
SBUS 112 Internet for Small Business 1
SBUS 114 Communication Skills for Small Business 1
BMGT 147 Importing & Exporting 1