Business Management Skills

Business Management Skills


Business Management Skills: Total hours: 135

Excellent management and leadership skills are critical to a successful organization. The Business Management Skills certificate program provides in-depth instruction and training for improved management of organizational behavior and effectiveness. The program includes individual and group decision- making processes, organizational design, culture, professional development, effective use of influence, management of work groups, and structural and behavioral variables.

I. Organizational Behavior and Management

Management 3010, 45 hours

Focus of the course is on individual and group behavior in an organizational setting and on decision processes. Examples of topics included are:

  • Motivation
  • Group behavior
  • Organizational design and development
  • Organizational culture
  • Decision making theory

II. Influence and Group Effectiveness

Management 4300, 45 hours

This course is about getting things done through the use of influence. The course emphasizes influencing others and influencing a situation. Power and other forms of influence are studied in-depth. All stages of group development are studied from the forming stage of a group to its development as a high performance, self-managed team. Examples of topics included are:

  • Power and other forms of influence
  • Influencing people and situations
  • Examination of group behavior in the work setting
  • Management of work groups
  • Stages of group development

III. Advanced Organizational Behavior

Management 4400, 45 hours

An in-depth study of leadership and organizational behavior. Focus is on the structural and behavioral variables that are most significant for organizational effectiveness. Both theory and application are emphasized. Examples of topics included are:

  • Leadership and organizational behavior
  • Structural and behavioral variables