Free Project Management courses
PM Fundamental

Free Project Management courses

Huritt Global Business School is offering limited free Project Management courses online.

Available Slots: 3


  1. 2 Slots: Project Management Fundamentals
  2. 1 Slot: Project Management Applications (Requires completion of PM Fundamentals)


  • You can indicate your interest in both courses.
  • Include a brief on why you would like to take this course

Starting Date: February and March, 2019


  1. Commit 6 to 12 weeks
  2. Commit at least 4 hours in week for study time
  3. Must have Computer
  4. Must have access to the Internet
  5. All the course material is supplied
  6. Must have bachelor’s or NHD degree

To be considered you must provide below information:

  1. Email Address
  2. Title: Mr, Ms, Mrs.
  3. First Name:
  4. Last name:
  5. Primary Phone:
  6. Address:

An email with your login information and instructions will be sent to the email address you provided.

Send requested information to info@huritt-edu.com  

Visit Project Management course page at www.huritt-edu.com for course details.

Note: Project managers are the links that hold a team together, and the skills you will use as a project manager—superior communication, organization, and relationship-building—apply to many other areas of life as well. You’ll find that project management courses are helpful to you not only professionally, but also personally. This training course takes place entirely online, so the only things you need are your personal computer and an internet connection—it’s that easy.