Workplace Safety On-demand Courses

Workplace Safety On-demand Courses

Workplace Safety & GMPs On-Demand, One-on-One, Interactive Online Training Courses

As part of Huritt Global Business School’s continuing efforts in bringing global business practice standards to the Nigerian marketplace, we are introducing workplace health and safety, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) on-demand online courses. These courses are being offered in collaboration with American-based Company known for offering quality workplace safety training courses for over 100 years.

This exclusive relationship for the Nigeria market allows Huritt Global Business School to independently provide on-demand, interactive, online, one-on-one training for several industry related course. We are giving local businesses (particularly manufacturing businesses) the learning platform to help raise their standards, and compete in the global marketplace.

Safety GMPs Human Resources
Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals Ethics
Construction Food Processing
Oil & Gas Food Delivery
Healthcare – hospital, clinics, laboratories Dietary Supplements
Environmental Management – waste management Pharmaceutical Sales

How concerned are you about your employees safety issue? No matter the size of your business, your Workplace Health and Safety needs are big. You cannot separate quality from safety; a safe environment helps businesses and manufacturers improve products and service quality. Bringing your company at par with the global performance standards helps companies achieve operational excellence and provide a safer, healthier workplace, ensuring organizational compliance and drive business results.


  • Pay-as-you-go pricing without long-term contracts
  • Costs start at just $19.95 per employee, per assignment
  • 500+ courses from our online library
  • OSHA 10 & 30 courses
  • 24/7 access to your course material
  • Automated tracking and reporting
  • Trainee assignments, overdue notifications and certificates of completion conveniently delivered online and to your inbox

How it works

A business/employer creates an account, and assigns account administrator.

Buys a course for the number of employees that needs training in the area of interest.

Employees will be able to login at their convenience; complete the course anywhere there is Internet-connected computer.

The training is very interactive. Learning tests are administered as the training progresses to gauge trainee understanding of the subject matter. Final test is administered, and scored; and the trainee is issued a diploma for taking the training and passing a test.

Employer will be able to track reports and document which employee was trained. This serves as proof to auditors and regulatory agencies.

Engaging and Interactive Courses

HGBSE’s Workplace Health and Safety, and GMP course library offers self-paced training that is engaging, consistent and measurable. You and your trainees can access or manage training 24/7 from virtually any Internet-connected computer. All courses are developed by a team of certified safety professionals and adult learning experts, and are continuously updated to address compliance requirements. In-house Professional Learning Services team maximizes employee learning and retention with rich multimedia features including:

  • High-quality course narration and text
  • Superior high-resolution graphics, 3D animation and illustrations
  • Challenging learning activities, knowledge checks and post-tests to reinforce and evaluate employee knowledge
  • Intuitive course navigation and bookmarking

The flexible delivery and pricing fit any environment, workflow or budget, and our Course Licensing options allow you to run the content on your learning management or enterprise software system.

Every course features engaging activities and knowledge checks to reinforce learning and retention.

All courses include intuitive navigation, high-resolution graphics and up-to-date information to create the ultimate learning experience.


The Workplace Health & Safety courses are accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)